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Invertek Drives Unveils Groundbreaking Optidrive Elevator Core at Interlift 2023

Optidrive Elevator Core

Invertek Drives Ltd, a pioneer in electric motor control technology, has introduced a revolutionary product at Interlift 2023 in Augsburg, Germany, setting new benchmarks in elevator motor control. The Optidrive Elevator Core, specifically designed for the elevator sector, combines compact size with exceptional functionality and power, offering an innovative solution for elevator manufacturers, installers, and engineers.

Innovative Features for Enhanced Elevator Control

The Optidrive Elevator Core stands out with its unique USB-C connectivity, allowing for easy configuration and power-up directly from a mobile device, a feature that promises to simplify installation and maintenance in challenging elevator shaft environments. This variable frequency drive (VFD) also includes a built-in data recorder accessible without mains power, offering valuable insights into the elevator's operational conditions.

Designed for the Industry, By the Industry

Justin Walker, Elevator Product Manager at Invertek Drives, highlights the drive’s design and functionality, emphasizing its development through close collaboration with industry professionals. The drive not only simplifies the setup process but also ensures silent motor operation with its 10KHz full current operation capability and an internal EMC filter for noise and interference reduction.

A New Ecosystem of Support Tools

Optidrive Elevator Core introduces CORE ASSIST, an ecosystem of support tools accessible via a QR code on the drive. This system provides comprehensive support, from installation to maintenance, featuring documentation, guidance documents, videos, and a trip code troubleshooter wizard.

Future-Proofing Elevator Installations

With the elevator industry poised for significant growth, Optidrive Elevator Core is designed to meet the increasing demand for safe, reliable, and energy-efficient vertical transportation solutions. Rhydian Welson, Director of Sales and Marketing, notes the drive’s alignment with the EU's energy targets and its role in modernizing and retrofitting projects.

A Class-Leading Drive for Tomorrow’s Elevators

Developed by a dedicated team at Invertek Drives, the Optidrive Elevator Core is heralded as the future of elevator motor control technology. Its user-centric design ensures ease of installation and operation, making it an indispensable tool for the industry.

For more information on this innovative VFD, visit Invertek Drives' website and discover how the Optidrive Elevator Core is revolutionizing elevator installations worldwide.


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