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Elevating Safety Standards with LOVATO Electric's New SR Series Safety Relays

Lovato Safety Relays
SR Series Safety Relays

In an ongoing commitment to enhance safety across industries, LOVATO Electric proudly announces the latest addition to its product lineup: the innovative SR series safety relays. This new range is meticulously designed to address the most prevalent risk categories, ensuring superior safety for users and machinery.

A Closer Look at the SR Series Safety Relays

Adhering to the highest functional safety standards, the SR series is rated up to category 4 with performance level PLe, as outlined by the EN/ISO/BS 13849-1 functional safety standard, integral to the Machinery Directive framework. The lineup is streamlined into two distinct series, encompassing a total of seven unique codes, each dedicated to monitoring and controlling safety circuits effectively.

Diverse Applications, Simplified Solutions

The SRB series specializes in managing emergency stops, safety switches, magnetic sensors, and mechanical safety interlocks with precision. The SRA series introduces versatility with a multifunctional code equipped with a front panel selector. This series extends its capabilities to two-hand control devices and safety devices with OSSD outputs such as photoelectric barriers, RFID tags, laser scanners, and more, ensuring comprehensive application coverage.

Moreover, the inclusion of an expansion module for safe outputs allows for the control of multiple machines simultaneously, enhancing the system's flexibility and utility.

Streamlined Inventory and Space Efficiency

LOVATO Electric's strategic approach to the series design significantly reduces the complexity of stock management by covering a wide range of applications with minimal codes. Notably, the SRB series modules are exceptionally compact, measuring just 17.8 mm in width, optimizing space within electrical panels.

Installation and Maintenance Made Easy

Installation is streamlined thanks to the series' special removable screw terminals, which simplify the wiring process and reduce the likelihood of cabling errors. Furthermore, the diagnostics LEDs on the front panel facilitate quick and easy troubleshooting of external control circuits, enhancing operational efficiency.

Certified for Global Compliance

The SR series safety relays have earned cULus homologation for the North American market and TÜV certification for compliance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, ensuring they meet stringent international safety standards.

Secure Your Operations with LOVATO Electric

Choose LOVATO Electric's SR series safety relays for state-of-the-art safety solutions that safeguard both personnel and machinery. With our latest innovations, making your systems safe has never been easier or more reliable.

Lovato Safety Relays
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