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Introducing the ADXN Series: LOVATO Electric's Compact Soft Starters

LOVATO Electric is revolutionizing motor control with its ADXN series soft starters, designed for a smooth start and stop operation in various applications. Tailored for simplicity and efficiency, these compact devices are the perfect solution for controlling pumps, fans, conveyors, compressors, and mixers, among others.

Key Features of the ADXN Series:

  • Versatile Application: Whether it's managing the flow of a pump or the speed of a conveyor belt, the ADXN series brings unmatched versatility to a wide range of industrial applications.

  • Compact Design: Standing out in LOVATO Electric's lineup, the ADXN soft starters are remarkably compact, with a width of just 45 mm. This slim profile is divided into two construction sizes based on the current rating, ranging from 6 to 45A, making them an ideal choice for space-constrained installations.

  • Ease of Configuration: One of the series' standout features is its user-friendly setup. The devices allow for quick configuration of a reduced number of parameters, significantly cutting down commissioning time and making them a practical choice for various settings.

  • Global Compatibility: Designed with global markets in mind, the ADXN series supports a broad spectrum of line voltages from 208 to 600 VAC nominal. This feature ensures compatibility across different regions, including North America, without the hassle of managing various codes for voltage specifications. Additionally, they offer two control voltage options: 24 VAC/DC for automation systems and 100-240 VAC, ideally suited for pump control systems.

Explore the ADXN series by LOVATO Electric for a simplified, efficient solution to motor control designed to meet the demands of modern industrial applications with ease and reliability.

ADXN Series
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