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Introducing LUTZE's Electronic Cable for Sensors and Actuators


LUTZE is expanding its product lineup with a versatile electronic cable designed for sensors and actuators, ideal for a range of applications, including plant wiring, cable trays, and machine or cabinet installations. The A102 series cable bridges the gap in the market for tray-rated sensor cables, offering both 300V PLTC-ER and 600V TC-ER certifications, suitable for stationary use.

Featuring a distinctive yellow PVC jacket, this cable is not only easy to identify but also resistant to various environmental hazards. Its ER rating allows for exposed runs, simplifying installation processes and reducing costs by eliminating the need for separate machine and panel wiring. Compatible with IO-Link systems, the A102 series enhances flexibility and durability in industrial setups.

LUTZE's latest addition reaffirms its role as a comprehensive supplier of industrial wiring and connectivity solutions, streamlining sensor and actuator connections with ease and reliability.


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