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Introducing the Compact LOCC-Box-M: A New Era in Circuit Protection

Locc Box

LUTZE's latest innovation, the LOCC-Box-M (Mini), marks a significant leap forward in electronic circuit breaker technology. With its introduction, LUTZE enhances its established LOCC-Box family, offering a compact, efficient solution for modern control applications.

Key Features of the LOCC-Box-M

  • Compact Size: The LOCC-Box-M boasts an impressively small footprint with dimensions of 86 mm in depth, 92 mm in height, and a width of 8.1 mm, making it perfect for smaller control enclosures.

  • Selective Load Adjustment: It offers five patented analog tripping characteristics, allowing for precise control from fast settings suitable for sensors and actuators to slow settings for motors and fans.

  • Flexible and Secure Settings: Users can adjust the current range in 1 A steps from 1 to 8 A, with up to 40 possible configurations. A lock-out feature secures the settings.

  • Simplified Installation: This plug-and-play device simplifies the installation process with user-friendly termination and an LED status indicator for operational feedback and fault detection.

Advancements and Applications

The LOCC-Box-M is designed to replace miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) in control applications, offering more precise and reliable protection. It's suitable for a wide array of applications, including those requiring remote monitoring and analysis, thanks to its gateway communication capabilities and optional LOCC-Pads software for advanced diagnostics.

Standards and Compliance

The LOCC-Box-M is UL 508 and UL 2367 listed, ensuring it meets strict safety and reliability standards. Its design allows for use in diverse environments, including factory floors and remote locations, without the need for derating based on ambient temperature.

Locc Box Datasheet
Download PDF • 888KB


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